Global Positioning System

for Meteorology and Atmospheric Research
By Department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering, University of New Brunswick


† GPS Meteorology Research at UNB

This research, and the infrastructure employed within, is part of a global network established for studying the use of the Global Positioning System as an atmospheric and meteorological instrument. SuomiNet is established through the University Center for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) and the University NAVSTAR Consortium (UNAVCO), both based in the United States. SuomiNet consists of approximately 100 sites worldwide, all using standardized GPS (Trimble 4700 with Geodetic Antenna ) and Met equipment (Paroscientific MET4A-1, recently updated from MET3A). In addition to the required SuomiNet infrastructure, this study previously employed a Water Vapour Radiometer (WVR). A WVR is another instrument used to calculate Slant Wet Delay (SWD) along line of sight and can be used to get an independent measurement of SWD to each satellite.


† Research Status at UNB

As a member of SuomiNet, named SA56 (formerly SA26), we are responsible for maintaining all the equipment and providing raw GPS and meteorological data to SuomiNet Processing Centre. SuomiNet station SA56 is also known as UNB2. The recent results from the centre are displayed here. Currently, the raw GPS and meteorological data are archived at UNB before being sent to SuomiNet Processing Centre. Also we provide the meteorological data for IGS (International GNSS Service) reference site at UNB (UNBJ) to CDDIS and SOPAC.


† Approximate Location of SuomiNet SA56 GPS Monument on Google Map: here


† Site Photos

Trimble Microcentered Geodetic Antenna (SA56)

Paroscientific MET4A-1

Radiometrics WVR-1100

For further information on SA56 (i.e, UNB2), please contact Heather Nicholson (email: here) or Richard Langley (email: here) .
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